The only real person in the world.

The narcissist fails to view other individuals as actual humans, he fails to understand that they have needs, feelings and lifes of their own. He values himself so highly that he simply can not understand that they are actual human beings with their own lifes, he views them as empty shells, small actors in a world based around him. When the narcissist discovers that he is not the only real person in the world he gets chocked, he can not understand how an inferior being like the people around him – can be like him.

When he discovers this quality in one person, he thinks that it’s only true for that person and  everyone else are still small actors.


The narcissist has big trust issiues, he can’t even belive that the emotions people display are real. When someone displays happiness or rage, he thinks it’s all a big act. Their emotions are not real.

So if a narcissist laughs you in the face while you are throwing a tantrum it is because he thinks you are putting up a show.


Love – love is something the narcissist knows nothing about, it is as strange to him as aliens to regular people. He does not belive in love, he thinks it’s all a big conspiracy, since he is unable to feel love and connect with people on a higher level. Therefore the narcissit can not understand how anybody could ever love him.

Narcissism is strictly genetic, unlike sociopathy and dissasociative identity disorder it can not be “created” by negative events and traumatising accidents in early childhood.
Therefore it is 100% shur that one of hes parents is a narcissist, but the other one does not necessarily need to be.

In the eyes of the young narcissist, the narcissist parents’ behaviour and way of showing their form of “love” is normal, but the normal parents’ way of showing love is fake and exagurated.

The difference is usually that the narcissist parent usually treats his child as an extension of himself – he usually shows his love in a materialistic way, giving his child gifts in form of toys and candy, while the normal parent tries to avoid giving too much presents and tries to show her version of love – emotional love, but the child does not respond to that cind of love – he views it as a form of attention, but he does not understand it.

The Narcissist, a natural addict

Pathological narcissism is something you can not obtain, you must be born with it, it is estimated to effect approximately 1 person in 100, but how many actual narcissists exist are a constant debate almong psychyatrist, since the line between being narcissistic and being a narcissist is quite thin, there is simply way too little research on narcissism to surely say.
Narcissism is a very special way of thinking and a life long pattern of certain behaviours, a narcissist is in-changeable, the way he is and thinks is deeply rooted in his brain, he is a natural addict to narcissistic supply, he is born with the brain of an alcoholic.
But what does the narcissist do when he is denied narcissistic supply, the narcissist is a smart individual he likes to have plans and he knows that he can’t always get attention at all times on his demand. So he seeks other forms of addictions – alcohol, nicotine, sugar, work, drugs and other substances.

The narcissist collects addictions, so that when he is denied one of them, he has somewhere to turn, one addiction does not quite seem to be enough, he is never quite satisfied so he usualy uses them all as often as possible, he seeks infinite satisfaction.
The hunt for narcissistic supply can be percieved as very annoying to the people around, the narcissist seeks constant attention from the people around – this can be in the form of teasing, poking and basicly annoying everyone in order to achive their attention.

If a person does not know the origin/reason for the narcissists behaviours they will view him as a very wierd person.


Let’s say  we have a narcissit who is addicted to cigarettes, sugar and narcissistic supply.

He’s out of cigarettes, he has no sweets at home and no money to buy new.

Then obviusly he will seek  extra much narcissistic supply – and will be percieved as even more “annoying” than usually – he knows how much he irritates people by doing this, but he does’nt seem to care, this is because the narcissist feels a very low level of shame and remorse.


If the narcissist can not obtain ANY of satisfactory addictions – he will go into a depressive state of self loathing.

Narcissistic supply and depressive state (self loathing)

The narcissist is addicted to a drug called narcissistic supply, narcissistic supply is a fancy word for any form of attention. Admiration, approval, compliments, even negative forms of attention for example when the narcissist does something bad and gets yelled at for it.


The narcissist needs narcissistic supply in order to feed hes ego, his false self (an exagurated version of himself). When the narcissist is frozen out, when he does not get enough or no narcissistic supply he starts going into a never ending cycle of self loathing. The narcissist starts feeling worthless, he questions who he really is he gets extremely sad and at the same time he gets extremely angry. This is where he throws a tantrum – a desperate cry for help/attention.

The cycle of self loathing can be stopped if the narcissist gets enough attention – but the narcissists constant feeling of superiority, he’s god complex can not be restored until he gets showered with admiration and compliments.

It’s not very hard at all to make the narcissist go into hes depressive state, because the narcissist is a drama queen even the slightest rejection can make him overthink and throw a tantrum. The cycle is as wasily created as it is broken.


The narcissist has not always been like this – not to the same extent.

The narcissist does not truly become a narcissist until the late teenage years. He has always been an “attention whore” and a “drama queen”, but the severe cases of self loathing never starts until around 16-18 years of age. He has always had a lack of empathy and a lack of knowledge of right and wrong, but not to the same extent. That is what separates the narcissist from a psychopath, a psychopath often engages in criminal behaviour at a very young age because he is very prone to boredom, but this is not true for the narcissist, it does’nt become true until he grows in age. Allthough they are part of the same spectrum – narcissism is a version of psycopathy, a version of anti social-personality disorder.